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Read up about our measures in place.

Hesitating to book?  Don’t worry, we’re super flexible.

When you book on saintlo.ca, not only do you get the best prices* but you also get the best booking conditions.

*At participating hostels

No extra fees, no deposits

You do not have to pay a reservation fee and no deposit is required.

No cancellation fees

When you cancel before 11:59 pm the night before your arrival.
*Unless your reservation was prepaid or non-refundable.

We’re almost out of the woods

Yes, local health safety regulations are slowly becoming less stringent. That said, we remain committed to providing you with a safe and sound experience for you and for our teams.

Health measures in place

Masque et bouteille de désinfectant

Here are some of the measures that remain in our hostels :

  • Private accommodation: It is now easier to reserve an entire dorm for you or your group
  • Reinforced hygiene and cleaning: We continue to follow strict cleaning and hygiene protocols and encourage our guests to follow all public health guidelines.
  • We continue to follow updates and developments from the Public Health Department.

Are you an urban explorer or nature lover?

We want to make your dream trip come true. With a playground that stretches from the Gaspé to Ontario, we have the perfect place for you.

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