The youth hostel personality test: find where you can be your best self

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Traveling brings out your personality in its many facets so that you can discover not only your best self but also passions you never knew you had. It releases the artist, the explorer or the dreamer that’s been inside you all along. Traveling is the opportunity to define yourself through the unique experiences you throw yourself into!

Whether you prefer nature tripping, whale watching, bar hopping, or getting a backstage pass to the Osheaga festival, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect youth hostel in the “Belle Province’ and its vicinity. And if you’re a chameleon who easily adapts to a wide range of environments, then you’ll find no shortage of adventures to suit your tastes.

If you need a little help to determine the perfect place to set down your backpack, answer these questions to discover which youth hostel suits you.


What’s your travelling superpower?

a) Finding the coolest cafés and the awesomest eateries.

b) Tearing up the dance floor and spreading good vibes wherever you go.

c) Transforming every location into an oasis of tranquillity and zenitude.

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What’s your favourite foodie experience while travelling?

a) International cuisine that’s full of exotic flavours from all over the world.

b) Savouring and socializing: like enjoying a barbecue around a fire with new friends.

c) Fresh and local farm-to-table taste adventures.

What ambience suits you best?

a) Urban: surrounded by shops and art exhibits.

b) Festive: a live music soundtrack and effervescent nights.

c) Serene: with a magical view of nature.

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What would your ideal role be in a Netflix travel series?

a) The host in search of hidden gems in various cities.

b) The queen or king of the party, presenting each evening with pizzazz.

c) The nature adventurer in search of beautiful landscapes.

What travel motto best expresses your point of view?

a) “Exploring means fully experiencing every street and streetcorner.”

b) “Life is a fiesta and every day is a celebration.”

c) “I’m open to whatever serenity and wonder nature offers me.”

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What’s your favourite mode of travel transport?

a) On foot and by subway

b) Road tripping, whether riding shotgun or van-lifing

c) Paddling, cycling, hiking

How would you describe your perfect travel day?

a) Exploring lively neighbourhoods, savouring meals in hip restaurants and discovering historic sites.

b) Adrenalin-fueled outdoor sports, like ziplining, then spending the evening with the gang. 

c) Tasting local beers, savouring a regional dish and watching the sun go down.

What kind of footwear do you adventure in?

a) Sensible shoes that get you up to a rooftop or take you 20,000 steps in a city.

b) Versatile footwear that takes you from the beach to the dance floor.

c) Hiking boots, or bare foot and fancy free!

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© Tourisme Charlevoix, Ian Roberge
Terrasse de l'auberge

What’s the best place to get social when traveling?

a) Trending cafés or bars 

b) On a dance floor, shouting over the music

c) On a peaceful outdoor patio

What’s your take on technology while traveling?

a) “I use apps to help me get around and explore the city.”

b) “I take photos to immortalize the meaningful moments.”

c) “I disconnect and enjoy nature without interruption.”

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Deux femmes qui font du yoga sur la plage

What’s your priority when selecting accommodation?

a) Proximity to downtown or the subway.

b) A friendly atmosphere and social opportunities.

c) A picturesque location, breathtaking views and a chill vibe.

What type of evening do you like best while traveling?

a) Bar hopping in the heart of downtown.

b) A festive, social evening outdoors.

c) Chilling beside the ocean to the sound of the waves.

What’s your work-travel mix?

a) “I adore coworking spaces designed specifically for digital nomads.”

b) “I do a little remote working, followed by outdoor activities and wild nights.”

c) “I like to work then recharge my batteries afterward with travel discoveries.”

Voyageuse dans la salle de coworking
Livre sur un lit dans une des chambres privées de Saintlo Ottawa Jail.

What type of unique accommodation most speaks to you?

a) A renovated prison cell that offers historic charm.

b) A cabin on a sandy beach where you can watch the sun rise and set.

c) A breathtaking view of the Saint Lawrence River.

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