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Think you’ve found a lower rate on a site other than ours?* We’ll match it and give you an additional 10% off.

Eligible for the Saintlo Montréal and Saintlo Ottawa Jail hostels.

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We guarantee you’ll always find the lowest price on our site when you book your stay at the Saintlo Montréal and Saintlo Ottawa Jail hostels. You can even use the price matcher when you book your room at  Saintlo Montréal or Saintlo Ottawa Jail.

Even more advantages when you book on saintlo.ca

  • No additional fees. No deposit.
  • No cancelation charge.
  • We know that changing plans is part of what makes travel fun. That’s why we charge no cancelation fee if you cancel before 11:59 PM the night before you check in.

How do you benefit from our lowest rate guarantee?

  1. Make sure the terms and conditions are identical.
    If you find a better price on another site, for the same room and same dates, make sure the currency is also the same (Canadian dollars) and the cancelation and payment terms and conditions are also identical. In addition, some third-party sites add extra fees at the end of their reservation process. Make sure the price that you compare ours with includes these additional fees.
  2. Contact our team with the booking information
    If you find a price that is lower than the price on our site 24 hours or more before the arrival date, contact us with your coordinates, your booking information and the link to the site where you’ve found the lower rate.
  3. Our team will get back to you within 48 hours
    If the required conditions are respected, we’ll modify your booking, apply the lower rate and give you an additional 10% off. You’ll then receive a new confirmation with the new rate.

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