Gabrielle Asselin

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Gabrielle Asselin

Passionate traveler, Gabrielle has been in the travel business for the past fifteen years. Sportswoman, outdoor enthusiast and change of scenery enthusiast, she loves destinations where she can combine culture and adrenaline. Her favorite spots? Costa Rica, Mongolia, Ecuador, Western Canada and Nepal.

At home in Quebec, she particularly likes to explore the province’s wide open spaces aboard a van that she has converted. She loves skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer, making the most out of the four seasons Quebec has to offer. Living in her hometown, Québec city, she particularly likes the region for its proximity to many outdoor and sports options.

Gabrielle’s professional background is in the health field, more specifically in travel health. She also holds a university degree in professional writing. In 2016, she launched the blog Vagabondeuse on which writes about her adventures in Quebec and elsewhere on the planet. In 2022, she signed her first paper publication and is co-author of the Lonely Planet guide Quebec and Maritime Provinces 10th edition.

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