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What exactly is Saintlo?

We are a collective of youth hostels. We have three hostels in three awesome Canadian cities – Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto – and independent hostels that are part of our extended family. With our collective, you can go from the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula to the Great Lakes of Ontario and meet people from all over the world. We are a social economy business, a not-for-profit association.

Who are youth hostels for?

People who:

  • come from every corner of the planet;
  • like adventure;
  • prefer to travel on a low budget;
  • like meeting others who like adventure;
  • travel solo, as a couple, as a family, as a group or work remotely (digital nomads).

What amenities do the Saintlo collective hostels offer?

Most of the hostels offer linen, towels, WiFi, individual lockers, breakfast and access to laundry facilities. Some hostels even offer coworking spaces and rent equipment like bikes and kayaks. Visit the Destinations page, choose the hostel you’re interested in and check out the amenities it offers.


Do hostels offer long-term rental?

It depends on the hostel. Some offer long-term stays, while others can only welcome you for a maximum of two weeks.

How is a hostel different from a hotel or Airbnb?

The list is long. But let’s stick to the main reasons:

  • Meeting people who come from all over the world (which is difficult with a hotel or a rented Airbnb);
  • Comfy rooms that suit your budget (and almost always less expensive than a hotel or an Airbnb);
  • Free participation in group activities;
  • Access to fully equipped, shared kitchens where you can prepare your favourite meals;
  • Really close proximity to activities and things to see and experience;
  • Services and suggestions for exploring the area like a local;
  • Always a feeling of safety and security.

Is there a kitchen at the hostel?

Yes, each hostel in the Saintlo collective has a fully equipped, shared kitchen. You just have to supply the ingredients. If you’d like a complete list of the kitchen accessories available in a particular hostel, go ahead and contact us.

Can I change my reservation?

To modify or cancel a reservation, communicate directly with the hostel you booked at.

Is there an additional fee for single occupancy?

The dormitory rates are by bed or by room. If you leave beds empty, you’ll have to pay as if they’re occupied. Private rooms rates are charged for double occupancy, so there’s no additional rate for a solo traveller.

What methods of payment are accepted for reservations online or by phone?

All the hostels accept Visa and Mastercard. For some hostels, you can also pay by bank transfer.

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We have a vast range of choices! Like the Saint Lawrence River, our territory stretches from the Gaspé Peninsula to the Great Lakes of Ontario. It’s an epic playground of big cities and truly wild nature.

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